Small 288 sq. ft. stick built housing units and Cargo Container homes as Affordable Housing plus Micro Kitchen units! Just a few of the really innovative ways to assist low-income Kentuckians in their dream of owning a simple, decent, affordable and super energy efficient home.  Check out General Electric's new concept in development- Micro Kitchen units that provide everything you need; 4 top burner unit, an oven that also operates as a microwave, a 2- drawer refrigerator unit, plus a sink, dishwasher and ample counter space.    


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Thanks to all of our supporters and friends who volunteered alongside HFH partner families and Kentucky affiliates during the summer months.  Great work was accomplished, families were served and the building continues!  WHAT WILL YOU BUILD? For more information on how you can volunteer, donate and where your closest affilaite is located, please contact KyHFH- 502-608-7041 or 


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